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About Chaliyar Palm Ghat Resort

We in the Chaliyar Palm Ghat Resort promotes farm tourism and the various facilities are provided in the oil palm plantation. The visitor if really interested can do and enjoy various farming activities along with the friendly workers we have. Feeding sheep’s in the pastures are wonderful for many. The facilities in the resort besides the stay are outdoor games like shuttle badminton, Volley ball, and if you want to enjoy a bit risk; can have trucking through own bumps, streams and elevations. You may have a lavish bath afterwards in the pool maintained very much natural.

In the indoor besides carom, Cards, Chess and abundant chance is there to express own emotions and feelings in the stage opened to you in the heritage hall. In the night the angel lit camp fire will be an unforgettable experience.

The Location

Vallamthode Valley in the Chaliyar panchayat, Malappuram district, Kerala lies at an elevation of 2900 Ft from the other side of Nilgiris Biosphere in the lap of Western Ghats. It is full of fresh air and water. There you face the deep rainy tropical forest of Nilambur. Sight of Tuskers and its roaring is so familiar here. It is a place so ideal for Monsoon picnics, trucking, enjoy bathing in the cascades. The beautiful and serene nature of landscapes retains the visitor ever to the site. The picturesque sceneries and ever changing whether is cute for Cinematography. The farm house and cottages you stay are surrounded by oil palms, coconuts grow, and pepper, nut Meg, clove, and vanilla add flavors to its chilling air.

The entire area of Kakkadampoyil is a hill top destination at an average height of 2900 Ft. from MSL. It is a potential area for tourism spreading over the inter junction of three districts namely Malappuram, Waynadu and Calicut is a hill top destination only recently captured the attention of nature lovers and tourists. It has got hamlets vis–a–vis Kakkadampoyil, Valamthode, Nayadumpoyil, Thottapalli and Patham block. Though the population in the area is thin; tourist seeking hill stations are plenty here doing trucking and off road safaris. Kuravan Puzha one of the tributaries of Chaliyar originates from Vellarimala becomes the life fluid of this location. The Valamthode waterfall is in the vicinity of our site. Kuravan puzha is having number of cascades making ponds in the river itself which are accident free and dependable. The other bank of Kuravan puzha; it is the Pantheerayiram (12,000) forest of Nilambur. Bison and Elephants are so common in this area of forests which can be watched from our property if you are a bit lucky.


The Climate

June – July : Windy monsoon - temp: 15 - 20c

August – October : Monsoons -temp: 20c

November – January : Winter - temp: 15 - 20c

February – March : Spring - temp: 25c

April – May : Summer -temp: 25 - 30c

The climate here is unique especially in the monsoons. The nature will arrange clouds down in the valley in various shapes from minute to minute only to astonish you for an unforgettable mind picture. Those who want to wander around can have a sip of tea in the local vender or find a place of solitude on a table–rock on the way side. Chatting with the local people or tribal is also pleasure some. Chances are also provided to acquaint your selves with the traditions of tribal people will be an experience unavailable elsewhere. It is also a village of expert black smiths; once they met the local requirements for guns and now they are special crafts men in making various tools and knives meeting demands.


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